Saturday, November 29, 2008

Little Rebel

We found this UNLV outfit for Nathanael and he looks adorable!! Daddy was sooo excited!!!

The Cactus Garden Christmas Lights

Glen, Colter's dad found this light display at the cactus gardens in Henderson. It was sooo much fun. It was at the Chocolate factory, so after wondering around the garden of lights, you come inside for chocolates and hot chocolate. You can also tour the chocolate factory. There was a Santa there for the kids but we decided that Nathanael was too young to stand in that way too long line. There were also carolers. Nathanael LOVES to look at lights and he was sooo intently looking at them ALL. I bundled him up really well thinking it was going to be cold. I need to remember that this is Vegas, just because it's November at night, doesn't mean it 's cold :) Nathanael was sweating by the time I brought him home. Quite a bit different from Oregon where dark means cold!! :) It was just a really neat thing to do.

Civil War

Today was the civil war game between Uof O and Oregon State. Nathanael looked sooooo cute in his little Oregon outfit. He's a true fan :) Thank goodness OREGON won!! 65-38!!! GO DUCKS


Well, we made it thru the 1st thanksgiving I've ever hosted!!! Colter and I decided we didn't want to travel with Nathanael being so small so the family came to us. We had Colter's mom Julie, dad Glen, sister Megan, my mom and dad, and my grandparents. It was a blast. It was just sad that we were missing Daniel and Jessica, who couldn't get enough time off work. :( It was hilarious because Colter decided to fry the turkey (which he does every year) and it was POURING down rain outside. IN LAS VEGAS!!!! RAINING!!!! That never happens!!! :) Poor Colter was trying to run back and forth outside to fry this turkey and he was soaking wet!!! But in the end it was delicious!! And it was so fun that everyone got to see the baby. It was the first time that glen got to see him!!! We might have to make a tradition out of this!! :)

I'm a BIG BOY!!!

Nathanael is getting SOOOO big, it's crazy!!! He's almost sitting up by himself and he's only 2 months old. He loves to sit up on the couch by himself. Now he's getting to the point where he actually leans forward and can almost balance himself sitting up. He's been holding his head up on his own since day one but sitting up is really amazing. He's also starting to smile more and more. I just can't seem to get it on camera. Every time I bring up the camera, he frowns (makes his concentration face) and I get get a good one. But it sure does brighten our day. He's been soooo happy these last 2 weeks. It's sooooo fun being a parent!!!

Baby & Blu

I have been very nervous about letting these 2 get together. I know that Blu would NEVER hurt Nathanael, but I thinks it's just the worrying mother in me :) But Blu is sooooo great!! He's gentle and just loves Nathanael to death, it's impossible to keep them apart. I can't WAIT until Nathanael is old enough to really play with him.

Mommy & The Baby

Unfortunately I don't have very many pictures with Nathanael since I'm the one usually taking the pictures. But I sure LOVE my little boy!!!! I can not get enough of him!!!

Baby & Daddy

Baby LOVES spending time with his daddy, and Colter is such a proud father!!! Every time I turn around Colter holding Nathanael with a binky in his mouth :) Colter rocks him to sleep while doing his homework, playing computer games, or just watching TV. Nathanael LOVES it!!! He is sooooo happy when he's with his dad!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Halloween Day

Nathanael got so many Halloween outfits I feel like all we did is change him and take picture all day!! He was soooo good on Halloween. He sat in his little chair for a solid hour while Colter and I carved pumpkins. Then we found a pumpkin patch and decided to go take pictures, we only got one because it was just too bright outside for him. It was a fun day. He is soooo cute and getting big really fast!!!


So for Halloween, Colter and Nathanael went as skeletons. They looked sooo cute!! He is such a proud daddy.


Nathanael LOVES the bath and we are sure glad!!! He didn't know quite what to think at first but after his cord fell off and we could put him more completely under the water, he was thrilled. We use it to calm him down and also just for play time. He gets so excited, he just flails around. I can't wait till he starts smiling!!! :)

The Chair

Boy are we glad we got this chair!!! He loves it. It vibrates and plays music and he is in love. He's been colicky so this had been GREAT. He'll sleep and relax in this thing as long as the vibrator's going. Perfect for getting a quick break to eat!! :)

3 Days Old!!!

Isn't he handsome!!!! He looks just like his dad!!! :) He sure does LOVE to sleep!!